Business Cards

FACE2EDGE Business Cards – My Design and Concept

“In my reality, I am broken on one side of this plane and also broken on the inverse side of the same plane. However, when you view this broken image from here while peering into the void, you see my true nature. If the void beyond our stars were bathed in light as some believe, the two broken images now overlap through the translucent plane and become whole with my third eye fully activated.”

I have decided to create my own business cards.  The theory is simple.  I use multiple layers of to create the effect desired.  Some of them can be translucent with inserted layers for watermark effect.  The other idea is solid layers of prints to tell a story through patterns on the paper.

So far, I have gone through 3 versions that evolved from the simple idea of using layers and color.  Another example of this line of thinking created a badge label of holographic patterned material on which I print in binary half tones of white to black and overlay the print with clear tape for a top coat.

Please check out version 1, 2, and 3 in the menu links below this page.

I can mail you one of these special edition cards if you wish to see this concept for yourself.  Send me an email to my address listed on the Contact Me page.