Card v1

Version 1.0 is multi-layered with a special prize inside

On two pieces of plain white paper, I write out some information about FACE2EDGE Development. There is a message on the front stating that I am “Facing towards the Edge and Peering into the Void” followed by a special message on the back side. This beautiful message says that “This is thinking so far outside the box that you may find yourself back inside and wondering if this is all a dream.” The prize inside is hidden from the front, but you see a watermark emblem from the message side on back.

As you spend more time staring into this concept, you start to wonder about that drawing and how it got inside the card. I inserted a simple analog of myself between the front and back pieces of paper. You must open or otherwise separate the layers only to find a weird drawing of a broken smiley face. One eye looks normal and one does not. There is also a sort of third eye and what appears to be an incomplete nose. Do you wonder why that face is there; why so important?