Card v2

Version 2.0 the watermark insert seems to be missing and a pattern has been added on the front

The front side of the business card has a pattern of blue sky and clouds while the back side is still white. I say blue sky to signify that it’s day time and the sky is lit. Let’s face it though, it’s not blue at night, right? You may not know why that prize inside seems to be missing. However, this paper is thicker and also less translucent so you may not be able to see the drawing inside. Is it still there?

You have to open the business card to find out what’s inside. You find a print of planet Earth behind the cloudy sky and you find stars as well. Then you notice the drawing now has two sides that both appear broken. That really doesn’t make sense right now. Why aren’t the stars on the outside? Then you couldn’t read the message very well, but that’s not the real reason.