Card v3

Version 3.0 explains all the layers and the broken face.

The layers can be described from beginning to end over 5 levels. The front side of the card shows a cloudy, blue sky. Can you see the stars beyond? Probably not with all that light and clouds blocking your view, right? Let’s move past the atmosphere. Out in the edge of orbit, you see stars dotting the black abyss of the night sky. Looking behind you, you can see the clouds and crystal blue oceans. By the way, the day time sky is blue because the molecules in our atmosphere are scattering more blue light waves and the oceans probably reflect that blue hue, too. What would you imagine to find out beyond our stars? Is there a border or boundary and then a void?

The drawing of that face is mine. I stated on my web site that I am facing towards the edge and peering into the void. Why is the drawing broken on both sides? It’s not, but that’s the way I see myself. “In my reality, I am broken on one side of this plane and also broken on the inverse side of the same plane. However, when you view this broken image from here and peering into the void, you see my true nature. If the void beyond our stars were bathed in light as some believe, the two broken images now overlap through the translucent plane and become whole with my third eye fully activated.”