The Concept

This concept essentially takes the not so simple story of Flat Land and grows beyond those constructs. Add to this, discussions about the mind and other states of being. My mind certainly did crave more from this book, Flat Land, and the series of stories to follow. There was something missing, a void.

My mind has been expanding and growing for quite some time. Here is what I came up with.

The main difference between FACE2EDGE and FLAT LAND is that all the words in Flat Land were known to me. The words to explain my concept may actually escape me, literally. This is why I use a mixed character name with numbers and letters. In this case, I chose to include a number in the identifying label for my concept instead of regular letters because it is more than just letters and number combined. ‘FACE2EDGE’ is not bigger than ‘FLAT LAND’, but it is more. It has grown without getting bigger than 9 characters. My term has an expanded meaning by adding another known character of different type. It fills the void very well. Metaphorically speaking.

If a tree is said to grow, this implies growing into a bigger tree. We humans also grow from cells to adult. The biggest difference is that many people believe plants do not have souls. It’s said that humans have expanded awareness or consciousness. Some say we have souls. Some say we are souls and our bodies are how we interact on this earth bound plane. Does having a soul, allow us to expand our awareness? How would a human see the soul of a living tree? Wouldn’t you have to ask another soul to look at the tree? Why can’t you use your connection to your soul to see the soul of that tree? How would you describe it? How do we see souls? We can’t see them with our physical eyes, anyway.

I like to use words like grow and expand because those are not dimensional values or measurements. Saying something is bigger means that is has larger measurement(s). Some things can also grow in density. This increases mass, right? More scale or density could increase mass. How can I say that something has grown or expanded by reaching out into a higher dimension instead of getting bigger or more dense in it’s own space? How would I qualify that statement?

Now, let us define the measurements for our square and cube. The Length of an EDGE on a cube is 2m. The Length on one FACE of that cube is also 2m. However, there is a new measurement; 2m Width. What does an EDGE know about WIDTH, only LENGTH? How would you define width to an edge? What does a Square know of VOLUME? That would be an undefined term, right?

What term do we use for objects that grow in dimension from 1D, 2D, to 3D? Think about why we don’t have a word for this that flies off the tongue without it being a new learned word by someone who knows how to describe it? Begin to think about the difference in the use of these constructs.

Let’s use a simple example. We commonly say that you can learn more, do more to grow your mind or expand your horizons. Let’s say the brain does not grow in density or physical size as a fully grown adult. Where are these memories and knowledge being stored? How do we store full multi-spatial memories like thousands of Blu-ray discs worth of movies in our brain? We don’t. We store them in our higher dimensional mind.