FACE2EDGE – An Explanation

What is the difference between lines and points, or planes and squares? A square is finite and a plane is represented as being infinite in 2D space. Not only that, a square is made up of an infinite number of 1D line segments.

We can talk about lower dimensional analogies and compare then to higher dimensional space to draw conclusions. This is a core concept of Flat Land, but I take it much further. This will potentially blow your mind.

I like to think that the spirit plane is made of light and we are all higher dimensional energy vibrations floating around. Just as our known space is dark, maybe in another dimension, the space is completely lit up. We wouldn’t rely on simple, visible light waves to see each other with physical eyes.

We can normally only process visible light with human eyes, yet some ocean creatures can see smells because they have adapted to their darkness on the sea floor. Certain other species can feel magnetic patterns in the air or see outside of the visible light spectrum.

I tend to believe our minds are connected to higher dimensions above our physical body. A direct example of this is a dream. Here’s a similar analogy because most cannot comprehend higher dimensional thought. After all, how to you describe a cube to a square or a sphere to a circle.

Dreams often have a certain value of time compression and we usually only remember bits and pieces. Imagine conscious awareness as being a line segment. When we dream, our awareness is expanded to a much larger square where we possibly experience different realities. As we wake from a deep dream, our consciousness collapses to a line segment which can only hold a limited numbers of points from the larger square. Some points spread throughout the sqare are collapsed down to the line segment of awareness and it’s no surprise that sometimes they are non-coherent and in random order.

Growing your consciousness towards enlightenment is analogous to growing your line segment of conscious awareness ever longer into an infitie line. At some point, possibly when you have become aware of your surroundings in this 1D world, your line segment expands into a new dimension as a rectangle and pushes out into a square. Then you find that something strange has happened. You may be living in what some would call a dream and you find that your new expanded awareness consists of trying to fit dreams of an exponentialy bigger volume of memories into an area as you grow your square towards the infinite plane.

Let’s not even talk about what happens with your consciousness expands towards and approaches infinity as your square expands to the theoretical border of a plane. That gets into higher mathematics, calculus and beyond. As a matter of fact, we know the formula for volume because some genius derived it from an integral involving the summing of an infinite number line segments over a given distance.

We can imagine a point expanding into a line segment, then a square, then a cube, then a hypercube. These objects have increasing number of dimensions. What happens when the line segments expands into an infinite line which becomes an infinite plane? What do we call the infinite cube? Is there a term for ‘increasing in dimension’ or ‘finite becoming infinite’?

What do we call the infinite cube? Hypercube is higher dimension than a cube, but what is the infinitive of a cube? We have a point at being infinitely small at 0D, a line is 1D infinity, a plane is 2D infinity. What is the 3D infinity? Keep in mind that a 3D infinity is infinitely larger than a cube and not the same as raising the cube to a higher dimension as with point, line segment, square, cube, hypercube. We couldn’t come up with something better than hypercube because we don’t really have the words to dscribe higher dimenionsal object very well. The actual name of the 4D object having pushed out at right angles from the cube is a Tesseract. To my earlier point, most people may not know hypercube while fewer have learned it’s better label.

Think about this. Can you describe a tesseract to a cube or a sphere to a circle? What use would the concept of volume be to an object of area? Volume is 3D and Area is 2D. If square does not know what volume means, how would you describe it? The cube would simply say, “I have length and width like a square, expect I am more. I have another measurement like length or width, but those are the same. For sake of not trying to explain to you how I am outwardly more than square, I have an inward measure that in the equivalent to the outward measurement of Length or Width; all three being equal. I will define this inward measure and Depth.”

This is starting to make sense now. The Tesseract is often referred to as a cube within a cube as they are also interconnected to each other. This is no different than a edge that is connected to another edge by line segments, two squares connected by line segments at right angle, etc, etc. Raising to another dimension is always an inward expansion because the growth is not inside our current known state of being. My body would not collapse inward into it’s own 3D being, but it would expand out into 4D space. Once this 4D space is fully developed, I can move into that state of being and no longer live in my body.