An Introduction

Can a higher dimensional object break common rules of geometry learned in grade school?

Are Cubes of infinite size also defined as being round like spheres?

This is a concept about FILLING THE VOID with INFINITY (I am working on this tag line)

Matter of fact, all this experimental and a rough draft! I’m not much of a writer.

Let’s start with a brief introduction: (Flat Land Version)

A square meets a cube sitting on its plane and introduces himself …

The square says, “Hello, I’m a 2 meter square. You look the same size as me, but different somehow.“

The cube says, “I am also 2 meter, but cubed instead of squared. I am MORE than you.”

“How can you be more than me? We are the same AREA, aren’t we? Are we the same density?

“Well yes, we have the same area and density, but I have VOLUME. That makes me MORE without being BIGGER than you. I have more mass.”

“So, you have GROWN so high and mighty that you claim to be MORE while to me you have not become larger than me? Then how can you have the same density?”

“Never in my wildest dreams (The really spacey ones), did I ever hear of a term like VOLUME or Cubed. You’re too weird for me. I have to go now. Catch you …”

With a loud,low rumble the new square had disappeared before the words were finished.

“Well, how rude. It didn’t even say good bye. Cubed? Volume? Must be a foreign language or some new terms I have never heard of, but I know I must be hallucinating. Did that cube just vanish in front of my eye? How could it shove me out of the way? I need to go see a doctor, maybe one of those new meta-physicians!”

The Story Continues …