“Birds don’t fly at night”   (Since when?)

I just heard an expression that I really need to explain.  This was in a movie, “birds don’t fly at night.”  People making general statements about things they do not know have always bugged me or rubbed me the wrong way.  It’s kind of like that expression that dogs cannot look up.  My dog looks up at me all the time.  I probably took it out of context, but that is how memory works sometimes.  Do you really want people to remember an incorrect saying on purpose?

I know that birds do navigate using magnetic fields, but why would someone say that they don’t fly at night?  Surely they know there are breeds of birds like Owls that are nocturnal and come out after sun down like Bats, right?

Owls have adapted to diminished light and regular diurnal birds wouldn’t be able to see as well at night.

Don’t say that birds don’t fly at night. Some birds do fly at night.  You have to be consistent and correct in your expressions.

I also fly like a bird every chance I can get, in my dreams, and I usually have the environmental settings tuned for night flying in my simulations.