High Dim Memory

Higher Dimensional Memory – [ High Dim Memory ]

Different levels of memory can be represented by dimensional thinking …

i am going to share another analogy with you.  I really like this memory analogy because I hate writing when drawing is so much more fun.  As it turns out, there is a good reason for my handwriting disorder and why I couldn’t color in the lines, and if you read this stuff, you will know why I compare writing to the 2nd lowest form of memory, represented by dimensions.

Think about listening and saying as 1D audio.  I say it’s 1 dimension because our ears interpret vibration into audio and a microphone works very similarly by converting vibrations into electronic signals.  A speakers basically converts those electrical signals into vibrations.  It takes a 2D surface like a speaker cone or a microphone diaphragm to generate or detect the 1D vibrations that propagate as varying compression through mediums like air or water.  Wave is a term that we use to describe this phenomena.  However, waves are 2D having amplitude and frequency while sound propagation may only be 1D in reality as measured by degree of loudness.  I don’t use the term, volume, because that is better used in geometry like area of a circle and volume of a sphere.

This analogy is very memorable.   : p

Here is an example with more to follow. Writing something down is maybe 2D because it’s on paper. You will always be able to fall back to something written if it survives the test of time and the material does not disintegrate.

Let’s take this analogy even higher and leaving the paper for a bit.  You can stack many papers to make a book, but that’s not 3D. It’s a stack of 2D papers and it has no potential to expand it’s awareness on it’s own as a book. So, what is 3D memory? The author stores a complete 3D copy of the entire book in the mind. Some would even say that the author developing a text such as this would be working from a 4D version. After all, you can’t simply stack 3D memories to gain more insight in writing some 3D content. It must come from a higher point of view. When you have had time to read that book, it get’s stored in your mind as well. You can tell some one about in 1D, write down a report or jot down a journal entry on another 2D piece of paper. You hope to always try to remember your 3D version, but you can only remember the good parts. If you read the book over and over, you remember more and more until you finally have stacked all your mental reenactments and visualizations as 3D memories to make a complete mental picture. Then you create your very own 4D version of these 3D stacks because we do have the ability to expand our minds. Now you can start to organize and catalog your memories into the 5D storage.

I’m sure I lost you back at 4D. Let’s say that’s higher than our physical bodies. Even talking about that make you feel aware of something more, something higher.  Expanding your mind is a good thing.  Don’t forget to check out my concept description.

This is when my story started to take shape and I started having flashes of a visual story like a waking dream. I could see this movie in my mind and I was having flashes so fast I couldn’t write them down. And yet, most of the core timeline is still intact in my conscious memory as soon as I request the new memories from archive to active memory. I can still think about those images, but in a much slower speed. I was so overwhelmed when these thoughts came flooding in rapid succession.

You may have heard the term, Mind Palace.  Well,  I have my very own Third Eye simulation like some Second Lives or other immersive gaming environments.  I say 3rd eye because it’s higher dimensional than another simulations in a regular computer.

Thinking about these higher dimensions can open higher levels of memory.  I’m sure you may be familiar with something called a mind palace, but my mind sees an entire Civilization.  All of my structures and building ideas are there and I can view them at any time.  There’s even art galleries in each area.  You could think of it as a simulation or a game, except, that the viewer is not a screen or in VR goggles.  My mind is the viewer and it would really take some funding and ingenuity to actually build any of it here in our Earth bound plane of limited potential.

How does a Quantum computer have higher dimensional ability or is it just using another bit for exponentially higher processing power with the same physical limitations like bus speed, bandwidth, and throughput?  Could a computer use light to increase speed over electricity?  Sure it can, but would a computer using light then have access to higher dimensions like other light beings?

There is so much more to these stories than I can list here for hopefully obvious reasons.

In my mind, it continues …